Dr. Youngjin Lee

Dr Youngjin Lee received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the School of Pharmacy at the Sungkyunkwan University in Korea. After working a few years as a clinical pharmacist, he moved to United States for studying neuroscience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center, and he began to do research on glial biology in the central nervous system (CNS) under the guidance of Dr Michael Brenner.


  • Glial biology

  • Neuron-glia energy metabolic coupling

  • Genetically modified mouse model

  • Neurological disease

  • Neuroglia pharmacology

  • Glioma

  • Neuron-glioma interaction

  • Neuroglia Pharmacology

  • Biosensing

  • Neurotechnology

  • Neurodevelopment

For PhD (HKPFS/UGC/Cornell joint program)/Research Assistant/internship position email at younglee@cityu.edu.hk

Latest news and events

September 2019

Congratulations to Tian Yang and Wing Kar Li for starting PhD study.


August 2019

Congratulation! Abhimanyu Thakur (first student of the Dr. Lee's lab) successfully defended his PhD thesis on 1st Aug 2019.

July 2019

Paper Published: Hasan, M.Murugappan, S. K., Wang, J., Ramkrishnan, A. S., Iqbal, Z., Lee, Y. Li, Y.Schema-like learning and memory consolidation acting through myelination. FASEB Journal. 2019

January 2019

Welcome Wing Kar Li (Research Assistant) to Dr. Lee's lab.

December 2018

Abhimanyu Thakur did an oral presentation at "2018 International Symposium for Nanobiotechnology, Biosensors, and Biochips, Hong Kong".

Accepted Research Paper:

Qiu G, Thakur A, Xu C, Ng SP, Lee Y*, Wu CML*. Detection of Glioma-derived Exosomes with the Biotinylated Antibody-Functionalized Titanium Nitride Plasmonic Biosensor. Advanced Functional Materials. Dec 2018, 1806761  

September 2018

Welcome Rakesh Sidu (PhD student), Regina (M.Phil student), and Stephanie (FYP student) to Dr. Lee's lab.

August 2018

Welcome Tian Yang (Research Assistant) to Dr. Lee's lab.

April 2018

Abhimanyu Thakur participated in American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual meeting-2018 held at Mc'Cormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Abhimanyu Thakur, Heng Zou, Mengsu Yang, Youngjin Lee. Augmented loading efficiency of doxorubicin into glioma-derived exosomes by an integrated microfluidic device [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2018; 2018 Apr 14-18; Chicago, IL. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Cancer Res 2018;78(13 Suppl):Abstract nr 3720. (Click here)

Abhimanyu Thakur presenting his research poster to a WHO delegate at AACR-2018, Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Abhimanyu Thakur (5th from left) met with Prof. Goyal (6th from left) and his team  at AACR-2018, Chicago, Illinois, USA 

January 2018

Congratulations to Abhimanyu Thakur who had been selected by College of Veterinary medicine & Life Sciences (CVMLS), CityU and the "Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) 2018" organising committee for a travel grant to participate in the GYSS-2018, North, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The GYSS is a gathering of young scientists and researchers (PhD students and postdocs) from all over the world, with eminent international science and technology leaders ('speakers') in Singapore. It is a multi-disciplinary summit, covering topics ranging from chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, computer science and engineering. Speakers invited to the GYSS@one-north are globally recognized scientific leaders, who are recipients of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize, Turing Award and IEEE Medal of Honour.

Abhimanyu Thakur presenting his research poster to Prof. Randy Schekman, Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (2013).

Abhimanyu Thakur with Prof. Takaaki Kajita, Nobel Prize in Physics (2015), Director of at the University of Tokyo.

Abhimanyu Thakur with Prof. Martin Chalfie, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2008)


Abhimanyu Thakur (3rd from left) with Prof François Englert (5th from left), Nobel Prize in Physics (2013) and other nominated participants of GYSS-2018


19th October 2017

Dr. Lee received the "Early Career Award 2017/18" by Research Grants Council (RGC), Hong Kong 

22nd August 2017

Abhimanyu Thakur was conferred with "CityU-SGS-Research Scholarship (2017-18)" and "Outstanding Academic Performance Award (OAPA)-2017" at CityU Hong Kong.










5th June 2017

Abhimanyu Thakur was conferred with "Best Poster Award" and an international conference travel grant of HKD 5000 in BMS Research gala, 2017, CityU Hong Kong




15th May 2017

Arijit Ghosh joined Dr. Lee's lab as a senior research assistant (SRA).

23rd March 2017

Research higlight

ExosomeRNA - an online platform highlighted "Direct detection of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles by self-assembly gold nanoisland-LSPR biosensor"

18th March 2017

Accepted Research Paper:

Thakur A#, Qiu G#, NG SP, Guan J, Yue J, Lee Y*, Wu CML*. Direct detection of two different tumor-derived extracellular vesicles by SAM-AuNIs LSPR biosensor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 94(2017): 400-407 

December 2016

Abhimanyu Thakur was conferred with "Best Presentation Award" in "PhD Student Research Seminar", BMS, CityU.

 Prof. M. Yang (6th from the left side) with the awardee of best poster at BMS Research Gala, 2017
Dr. Youngjin Lee, Hannah Tetteh, Abhimanyu Thakur, Gona Choi (From left to right side)
Abhimanyu Thakur receiving "Outstanding Academic Performance Award" from Professor Michael P. Reichel (Dean of CVMLS, City University of Hong Kong) 
OAPA-2017 Awardee from Department of Biomedical Sciences: Zhaoyue Wang, Abhimanyu Thakur, Peng Liu, Duc Hoang, Li Hualin Akos, Wenqing He,
AU Ngan Pan Bennett (from left to right side) with Professor Michael P. Reichel (3rd from left)
Prof. Michael Yang (Right side) conferring award to Abhimanyu Thakur
Dr. Youngjin Lee (left side) with Abhimanyu Thakur

City University of Hong Kong

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